Silent Nights


On those silent nights,
as silent as my tears,
when the moon stands still,
as still as my fears.


When the stars remind me
of thy twinkling eyes ,
when the sky reminds me
of the ocean that was in thy eyes.


When a cool breeze blows,
,in me, the winds of past,
from the breeze that first blew
to the whirlwinds that now last.


When a cloud floats silently by,
as silently as you invaded my heart,
silently as you owned it all,
silently as you flew apart.


When moon shines upon
the dew that sits still,
when i can see you in the drops
that my eyes fill.


When my heart beats to rhythm,
of pain and pleasure,
separation being torment,
your memories my treasure.


On every such night,
my heart takes a dive,
deep into the ocean
of golden past,
only to come back forlorn
to the ruins that now last.

– Arz Sra


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