Going with the Flow – The emerging Opium of the masses.

Mind seeks to turn every bit of knowing into some sort of a comfort providing idea. Just look around and you will surely have a bag full of evidence. It does not realize the whole discomfort it creates in the present in this mad pursuit of comfort. If you look closely you will see that almost all of your actions and thoughts are consciously or Sub-consciously directed at some comfort to be gained. Either its directly aimed at comfort or indirectly.

You feel the urge to eat sugar. If you do eat it , you directly gain comfort . If you do not eat it, you have to give yourself an explanation.  May be you have diabetes and you tell yourself that not taking sugar is for your long term benefit. Whether you eat or you not eat – whether you take route A or route B – there is an impulse beneath it. The impulse is to move towards comfort , to seek gratification. This is how you are driven by the constant calculations of the mind. Comfort is always the end without any exceptions.

Now to the phrase that  has been totally stripped of its true implication is – ‘Go with the flow’. Firstly, it has just become a means for individuals to just blindly follow their impulses. This is not really something serious . This has been the story all along. Just that now it has the holy shelter of Go-With-The-Flow. And this has really been the story all along – we seek refuge in so called sacred words, ideologies and rituals. This not something new. What is really new is the growing number of people who think spirituality is just going with the flow. Going with the flow seems like a very comforting end one has to reach. When spirituality dawns upon you, you merge with the flow. To seek synchronicity with the flow is to end up into the same circle of end-aimed actions sacrificing the present.

Life is really uncertain. It is even ruthless . To escape this reality we create the concept of ‘wandering'( the problem) in the first place ( see the trick?). We assume we are wandering since lives…. This provides us with a possibility of solution of some sort of ‘stability’ that there is. If there is wandering then there has to be stability somewhere; Preferably lying somewhere for us to just go and pick up.  Our problem creation – making an issue by thinking -gives us a possible future solution. The GAME goes on. Embracing the uncertainty of life; being one with it is what merges you with the flow. You may have to go through much pain while merging with the flow. There is bound to be friction between the past-conditioned mind and presence. But we keep avoiding the blow of present upon the past-conditioned structure that mind is.

Its not as easy as most people assume . Flow is not a comforting thought. It is what it is.  Flow is not something compassionate as you think. That is just a manifestation of the insecurity of the mind.  Flow is not there to hold your hand. It can kill you anytime. It is not concerned about you. It is as it is. It does not even know you exist. You exist as a  separate entity for yourself , not for what is.  There is no consolation here. Going with the flow is not really a joy ride. If you think the holy existence will take care of you once you let yourself into the flow, its better to forget this idea. All you are doing is getting into another pursuit of seeking. The label is changed , the process beneath is the same. ‘Holy existence’ has no Idea that you are there. To realize this is to land into the lap of humility. But you invariably assume that your ideas about ‘what is’ are true.

Go-with-the-flow happens only when you can bring to awareness the unconscious struggle you have been doing all your life.

But to seek consolations through natural and supernatural entities has become a habit. The supernatural happenings are nothing but machinations of a deeper and stronger part of your own mind. There is nothing ‘sacred’ about it as you assume. Spirituality lies beyond archetypes. But One is never ready to embrace ones fears that lead one to seeking refuge in illusions. Illusions are idolized.  Pain is treated as an alien and pleasure is worshiped. One feels as if one is ‘With the flow’ when everything seems to be happening effortlessly. When one feels that all is perfect as it is. This’ being with the flow’ is just an illusion you create for yourself .

What would happen to you if suddenly you were to hear some really bad news? The so called Flow evaporates like it was never there. This comfort of your shells, of the conformity of life to YOU is not the flow. one can go on fooling oneself about it ones whole life and also keep crying over the temporariness of this feeling of ‘flow’. Who are you without your problems? Problems and solution , both are minds ways to BE, to exist. Without these its annihilation.  Raising issues out of nothing is the core.

Just remember, Flow is not your comfort ground… it is where YOU end. It is there whether you wish it to be or not to be. On you way, the twigs you hold on to for some time  you call as  ‘going with the flow’. And then you spend whole time discussing why there are not more twigs. You miss the whole point. You are not even aware that you are in a unconscious battle with the flow. To be aware of these unconscious, conditioned and habitual efforts is to realize the ground.  To struggle or not to struggle is something you can choose, but you simply cannot quit the game. The flow is there and it will take you. Its upon you if you want to enjoy the surrounding scenery or you want to struggle in the hope of some mirage.

But like the fish in the ocean, we ask – ” where is the thing they call ocean?” . We are not aware of the misery that we keep carrying inside; we do not realize that we have any problem. No problem, no need for solution. To face yourself is to have the courage to look inside and be aware of the never-ending machinations of the mind that one has to go through. In that Seeing, it drops – surrender happens and you become one with the flow. If go-with-the-flow is just another comforting idea for you then you are still caught. No act but to face yourself can help. Going with the flow as an Idea is nothing more than another game of the mind to reach a comfortable end. It is this very effort of the mind that stands between you and the flow. Can you bear the paradox?




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