Why is there urge of sharing & curiosity to know the response ?

Q – Why is there urge of sharing & curiosity to know the response ?

A –To ask why it is there is to resist what is already there. Like being thirsty and asking why I have a glass of water in my hand.

Why is not important , the moment is. Answers come on their own. One cannot cultivate them. Cultivated answers are not answers at all.

True answer is the dissolution of question itself. Answers don’t matter at all. Each answer is a seed of many more questions. Why can never be answered.

The fact is that it is there. One has to go fully into it. Accept it. The answers shall come or the very urge may dissolve. Be the urge and you will know.

As a temporary comfort, one can think that the urge to share as well as the curiosity to know the response is a subtle manifestation of ego. Which simply means – one has given the power to the other.

But this very answer is again the machination of ego itself in an even subtle way. To and fro is the game.

This cycle never ends. Answers never come. Only the question can dissolve. All questions are of the ego.

To ask why is to void yourself of the beauty of whatever there is in the moment.



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  1. Posted by Sodhi on October 21, 2011 at 9:10 am



  2. One must become comfortable with not knowing to put the mind at rest.


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