Who Am I?

One cannot define oneself. Because that which defines changes each moment. We tether ourselves to identities like – ‘serious’, ‘lover’, ‘intelligent’, ‘smart’, ‘unpredictable’, this and that – these are the opinions we keep carrying about ourselves; without realizing that that whatever there is is irrespective of your definition of it. We focus on identities. Our identities become important , living becomes secondary. Our actions spring from superficial identities, not from who we are. Misery is thus carried on.

I am what I am and I am renewed each moment. Each next day I find myself contradicting my past because I am not tethered to logic. There is nothing worth conforming to.  Logic is not the way to live, Neither is heart. Life is here and now. Logic and heart are just prisons we build to have some comfort in this flux of life.  Life is uncertain and mind seeks certainty. Life is a flow, its not stable. Mind seeks stability through notions and emotions.  Notions and emotion are very natural…. We seek psychological comforts in identities.

One clings to identities. When You think you are what you think you are, You miss yourself… You are what you are irrespective of what you think you are. When you can let go of this burden to be this or that, You realize what life is. You live for the first time. You realize freedom is not in the Choice. Its rather in choicelessness.

To define oneself is to peg oneself to a mere ‘thought’. – just a tiny byproduct of life.

To know me you have to be with me. Even then you will only know that which is already present in you. The ‘other’ may confuse you, it may inspire awe , or it may cause pain. But this is how life is and this is how we are – Flowing and merging into each other………… inevitably.


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