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Consciousness Vs Brain – Where Scientific view collapses onto itself

You may have heard a sage say – you are not your body(including brain) , neither are you your mind; You are the pure >consciousness< that operates through these mediums. This which they call consciousness has not , till yet, been discovered in science. For science , consciousness is a phenomenon that emerges from THE brain. As such, consciousness is not separate from the body. Its the product of the Brain. Brain generates what we call consciousness. Consciousness ends once the brain ends. Brain is the central mechanism. Let us inquire further into this scientific view.

As consciousness is the product of Brain , we can assume that whatever is it that we experience is what the brain generates. That chair ( or anything) is not there, its here in the brain. Brains response to ‘what is’ emerges as the shape of chair( which we call chair). There is definitely something there. But all that happens to us is the reaction between the chair and the brain. Everything is processed by the brain and then displayed. Whatever brain displays is what you know. This view seems solid as Any damage to the brain can result in a distorted conscious experience. Till now this viewpoint seems to be holding strong that consciousness is the product of brain. All the myriad experiences including enlightenment are a product of the brain itself. Lets inquire further.

IF it is true that all our experiences are generated within the brain then what we point to as the brain is also the product of machinations of the brain itself. We do not perceive brain itself but we perceive what the ‘brain’ ( the central unit) displays as the brain. Brain that we perceive and the brain ( the central processing mechanism) cannot possibly be the same.

What WE see as the processor is actually in the category of the processed just like other objects. Biological Brain cannot be presenting a phenomenon from behind which includes its own self AS IT IS( Note: means that what we see will be distorted; not what is as it is). The presenter has to lie beyond the presented because in the very ‘presentation by presented’ as the presenter, something is left out. Brain cannot be presenting itself through itself because that which will then be presented would be subject to the process of the brain itself. If what we see as the presenter ( brain) has to give the true picture then it has to lie beyond the realm of presented. Still it cannot give a true picture of its own self.

Consciousness is not an emergent phenomenon ( subject to something; emerging from something). In fact the brain itself is an emergent phenomenon that is subject to something beyond. That true central unit cannot be perceived by its own self. This is where the cause-effect chain ends. Brain just lies as a ring upon on the causal chain. Its not the brain ( processor) presenting the brain because in that case it would be the perception of the the Processor which is not possible at all. The result of action of processor upon itself , which we call perception, can in no way present processor as it is. Brain is subject to the processor and not the processor to itself. This is where the brain-as-a-centre model that science hold collapses on its own self. Central unit cannot be subject to itself.

There does seem to be some weight to what the sages say.

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