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Your life has a separate meaning? Lessons to be learnt? Soul-contract?


Mind seeks to bind life into an understandable concept. Its frightening to have no reference point in this flux called life. We need something ( often concept) that can bring some sense of certainty to life; certainty regarding the ‘way’ life works. To think that the sense of control we have is illusionary is quite painful. All our life we have been trying to find means to be able to be in control. Illusionary sense of control is our shell. Extreme fear lurks free at its boundary. A little does ooze in to make us uneasy. I hope I am not saying something you cannot relate within yourself.

No matter how much we deny , but the truth is that we are nowhere near being the center of existence. No insult to anyone, subjective reality is a twig for cowards to hold on to in this flow of life. Or it is just a way to sell your half-cooked philosophy. Giving hope is after all the BIG game. I feel we are just leaves on this tree called existence; a tree that is unfolding spontaneously. Some leaves don’t get proper sunlight and fall ill. Some are healthy. Some have just blossomed out. Some are ready to fall off – fall and dissolve as a manure into the very existence itself. We are just the unfolding of existence. ( I would not like to touch here on how these ‘special’ leaves we call ‘human’ have turned into a self-conscious entities as it will stray away from the main topic).

Each leaf has its own unique way of unfolding and falling off. We form opinions regarding this unfolding as ‘the way we lived life’ and Regarding falling off as ‘disease’ , ‘accident’, ‘suicide’, ‘sacrifice’ etc etc. These are just our superimposed opinions on whatever there is.

An opinion I have been hearing lately, and did myself hold for quite a time, is that our life has a meaning. Which at looking closer means – I have a meaning. You lose someone you loved from the core of your heart. But it wasn’t to be. You parted your ways. You were left in immense pain. You felt utterly unable to grasp why all this had happened to you. You eventually came out of this pain and you saw yourself as a changed person. A broken heart , in my opinion, is one of the greatest transformers. Its the seed of immense growth. The mind still has the curiosity to know the ‘reason’ behind all the pain one had to go through. An answer that often comes up is that there was a lesson to be learnt ( Thanks to the teachers who teach this without even a pinch of doubt). Other concepts like soul-contract come into the picture here.

Leave aside the truth fullness of this philosophy for the moment, this way of thinking is really very soothing. I’ve been through immense pain and had clung to this concept for a time. Its the ultimate comfort. First, it gives one an explanation to life – its workings. Secondly, it makes life a little more predictable and gives a sense of certainty ( and ,of course, reduces the GREAT fear of the unknown). And the most important fact is that it sustains the ego – the sense of separation.

To think that your life has a meaning is one of the myriad subtle manifestations of egoic perception. Just a substitute is given for the actual oneness by interrelating seemingly separate parts. The Ego is saved, moreover it gets the holy shelter of oneness. Interrelation of parts is often forwarded as oneness – its just a subtle, cunning substitute Oneness is realization of absolute oneness, not an intellectual reconciliation of the dissected(s) . Its the dissolution of dissection itself , not the mending of it.

What are your views about this philosophy of ‘lessons to be learnt’ and ‘soul contracts’?

Intense experiences are indeed transforming. But its just our own later superimposed interpretation that life is about learning lessons we have assigned ourselves to. Mind has subtle ways of reinforcing itself, escaping the uncertainty and to carry its game on. 


Consciousness Vs Brain – Where Scientific view collapses onto itself

You may have heard a sage say – you are not your body(including brain) , neither are you your mind; You are the pure >consciousness< that operates through these mediums. This which they call consciousness has not , till yet, been discovered in science. For science , consciousness is a phenomenon that emerges from THE brain. As such, consciousness is not separate from the body. Its the product of the Brain. Brain generates what we call consciousness. Consciousness ends once the brain ends. Brain is the central mechanism. Let us inquire further into this scientific view.

As consciousness is the product of Brain , we can assume that whatever is it that we experience is what the brain generates. That chair ( or anything) is not there, its here in the brain. Brains response to ‘what is’ emerges as the shape of chair( which we call chair). There is definitely something there. But all that happens to us is the reaction between the chair and the brain. Everything is processed by the brain and then displayed. Whatever brain displays is what you know. This view seems solid as Any damage to the brain can result in a distorted conscious experience. Till now this viewpoint seems to be holding strong that consciousness is the product of brain. All the myriad experiences including enlightenment are a product of the brain itself. Lets inquire further.

IF it is true that all our experiences are generated within the brain then what we point to as the brain is also the product of machinations of the brain itself. We do not perceive brain itself but we perceive what the ‘brain’ ( the central unit) displays as the brain. Brain that we perceive and the brain ( the central processing mechanism) cannot possibly be the same.

What WE see as the processor is actually in the category of the processed just like other objects. Biological Brain cannot be presenting a phenomenon from behind which includes its own self AS IT IS( Note: means that what we see will be distorted; not what is as it is). The presenter has to lie beyond the presented because in the very ‘presentation by presented’ as the presenter, something is left out. Brain cannot be presenting itself through itself because that which will then be presented would be subject to the process of the brain itself. If what we see as the presenter ( brain) has to give the true picture then it has to lie beyond the realm of presented. Still it cannot give a true picture of its own self.

Consciousness is not an emergent phenomenon ( subject to something; emerging from something). In fact the brain itself is an emergent phenomenon that is subject to something beyond. That true central unit cannot be perceived by its own self. This is where the cause-effect chain ends. Brain just lies as a ring upon on the causal chain. Its not the brain ( processor) presenting the brain because in that case it would be the perception of the the Processor which is not possible at all. The result of action of processor upon itself , which we call perception, can in no way present processor as it is. Brain is subject to the processor and not the processor to itself. This is where the brain-as-a-centre model that science hold collapses on its own self. Central unit cannot be subject to itself.

There does seem to be some weight to what the sages say.

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Misery In Mirages.

Misery of Mirage

The time was around 5 am and the mountains beyond Sukhna lake were playing hide’n’seek in the uneven mist. Some swan-like white birds, three in number, were in a flight just a feet over the water accompanying each other towards a destination only they knew… or perhaps even they didn’t. Sitting at the broad line of stairs merging down into the the lake I was totally present to what lay in front and also to the sounds of people running by, walking by and some even talking by. Two men passed by talking loudly and intently about some travel expense of about 70 rs ( >2$) in such a tone that seemed as if the matter was worth millions. There was no judgment, no thought.. just presence. I looked at the subtle yet constant currents in the water and was suddenly pulled out of the present moment. I was waiting for someone. That someone happened to be a friend of mine who I was to meet after a few months.

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