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To My God

Silently you throb in my heart,
and each pulse becomes a story apart.

In my eyes you twinkle all night long,
I hear in my falling tears;
your silent song.

From your beauty my poems spring,
words gallop with rhythm,
fly without wings.

In your company so blessed I feel,
this miserable heart of mine;
it dances with zeal.

Its you energy that runs through me, not mine;
my silence, my laughter, my sorrow, its all thine.

I remain silent ’cause I’m just a hollow flute;
craving for you to play me;
lying rusted and mute.

I may never be able to tell you what’s inside,
My words may be cut short;
to my fears I may abide;
but in my heart you will forever reside,
from years to years;
from lives to lives.

– Arz Sra