If I start giving a long lecture here on how I believe God does exist, what would be your reaction? If you are theist you may feel delighted. If you are an atheist you may take a critical stance. I may even get some comments either supporting my view or attacking it. But whatever, You will surely have an opinion about what i’ll be saying. The interesting thing is that when I start to give my views on why I believe god exists, I am definitely referring to something in my mind. When I say God I could be pointing to – the grumpy old man sitting in the skies, an ever-present energy, it could be nature itself, it could be an omniscient intelligence, Creation itself, the process of creation, thousand headed supernatural god. Did you know which god I was talking about?

Only I knew. I could have been talking about the grumpy old man or the omniscient intelligence. So, when you agreed with me or you disagreed with me , you were not agreeing/disagreeing with me. You were actually fighting with your own concept of god. Either you were strengthening it or you were weakening it. You did not even know in the first place which god I was talking about. When I used the word ‘God’ all you could access was what YOU THOUGHT as ‘god’ and not what I thought. You were not dealing with my God but your own. Its like I say ” The Omniscient intelligence does exist”. And you counterpoint ” No there is no grumpy old man sitting over heaven/hell”. Can you see the absurdity now? People start arguing over existence of GOD when they are in the first place not meeting on what they mean by God. Unless there is a common ground, starting any discussion is more a waste of energy than not. ‘ Can we know god as anything other than a concept in mind’ is a wide topic that can be discussed in another article.

Arguing with others and arguing with ourselves is actually the same. When you argue with anyone, what you are actually doing is giving meaning to other person’s words and then going inside an playing with that meaning. By playing I mean checking the view out. When anyone gives you a view/concept of his, What you respond to is not what the person meant but what you understood. Your response to that concept then is the result of you analyzing your own understanding of the concept. I hope I am being clear here. Our response is to the meaning we give to the other and to the meaning other person has in mind. The above discussion on god is an example of this tendency .

We can never completely know the meaning in other person’s mind unless its an utterly objective thing being discussed OR unless the non-objective thing has been elaborated in the first place. Non-objective things include our emotions, other concepts like stress, love, anger, identity , ego etc. Its with these things that all the confusion starts. Our tendency to have the ease in discussing Objects makes us prone to misunderstanding as well mis-arguing with each other in case of abstract things which are not so simple as objects perceived through the senses. The theist/atheist argument is a good elaboration of the above.

Now to the main point – To be able to understand any discussion, the very first requirement is that we understand the discussed. Without understanding the discussed discussion becomes just a guesswork. If someone is telling you how to deal with stress, the fruitfulness of that discussion at the very basic level depends on whether you hold the same meaning for the word ‘stress’ as the other person. The very first point to make is to explain the very thing discussed in detail. By his explanation I mean defining the word as well as the mechanism that lies beneath. And amazingly, Half the solution comes merely by discussing the ‘word’ itself to be discussed. Our inability to have a solution is very often rooted in our mis-perception of the problem itself. Before going onto the solutions, one has to elaborate the problem itself. Unless this is done , the whole discussion remains incomplete.

Its a very humanly tendency to seek solution without getting intimate with the problem itself. If you look around you will see plenty of evidence of this. Such solutions leave residue that one has to face later on. You turn the key and the car starts – Why would you ever want to know the whole mechanism that runs the car? It seems a wastage of energy. Its only when we find our self cornered badly that we develop the courage to go deep into the problem. Its only when we find our self behaving not the way we want is when we realize that we have been escaping from the core issue; we realize that we were just dealing at superficial levels; Our solutions were not for the problem but merely for the symptoms. The role of understanding the problem in the solution is immense.

So, it is of immense importance that when you write ( or think) on any problem ( any solution) you 1) Be clear what exactly you mean by the word. 2) You elaborate the whole mechanism that manifests as the the external example [ 1) ]. Half the solution is then and there reached. All that is left is the other half. Moreover , by explaining the very mechanism, you really give the reader ( listener) the ability to carve out his own creative solutions. In other words, you empower others and not just show your own power. This is true compassion. To give only solutions is superficial but if you can give the very understanding of the problem itself, this is the greatest gift. Often, In the very understanding of the problem – seeing it for what it is- the problem miraculously dissolves.

But to give the ‘source’ is difficult for those for whom helping others is a business. Once you give the true understanding of the problem, the other person often becomes capable of coming up with innovative solutions of his own. I am not blaming anyone here but the reality of many of the so-called Gurus is that they understand the problem. Hence carving out a solution becomes easy. Selling solutions is their whole game. They cant risk revealing the understanding of the problem itself because that would mean giving their power to the other. Understanding is the real secret they keep; Solutions are the superficial ‘secrets’ they serve you to serve their own tummy. Once you understand the problem itself, You can have as many solution as you want for yourself. The guru game ends here. By Guru I refer to only those ones ( so called self improvement gurus) who keep serving you solutions but never tell you ‘ The Source’ from where the solutions are coming. Revealing the source ends their game.

Always remember, the most important aspect of the path to solution is understanding of the problem itself. In that understanding , the solutions unfolds relatively spontaneously. It is for this very reason that I prefer writing on the problem itself – revealing the whole mechanism – Before going on to the solutions. This is what empowering others means. To merely hand a solution is to hide the truth. If you really want permanent shifts in consciousness, understanding the issue is half the job done. This has been my approach and will always be. Empowering other is not a superficial passion for me, its the product of the gift of compassion that resides in the core of my heart. And its not something to boast of. I did not bring it there. it was sown by someone I am yet to discover.


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