Who Are You?

Does it confuse you when someone says that you are consciousness? You try to figure out what that person means by consciousness. You manage to somehow get an idea of ‘what it could be’. But then when you see some spiritual people talking about consciousness , you find that it does not fit into what you were thinking consciousness is. I have a few questions for you. Just answer by a simple yes or no.


Do your hands touch?

Do your eyes see?

Do your ears hear?

So what were your answers? Most probably it was a Yes for all the three. Especially if you have not intriduced yourself to spirituality in non-religious context.

Do your hands touch?

NO. You touch through them.

                                                              Do your eyes see?

NO. You see through them.

                                                             Do your ears hear?

NO. You hear through them.

Hands, eyes and ears are merely mediums. They are tools that YOU use. You are not them. But we identify with our senses. We think that we are the senses themselves. We think of ourself as containing cluster of senses. You are not your sense just as the tool in your hand is not your hand. Hand, eyes and ears are merely mediums through which YOU observe.

So, Are you your mind?

                                           Tough question. May be you are. right?

No. You are neither your mind. The very word ‘your’ points that it is ‘yours’ and not you yourself. It puts a question – Whose mind is this?

This is Your mind. Who are you? You are that which observes through the mind. Mind is just nother tool. A tool at a deeper level than our senses but a tool still; an automated tool but a tool still. When mind is in automated state ( as it always is) its called ego. Its just a tool but when it gets automated , it becomes the ‘i’ – the doer. Its not really something surprising that we identify with mind. When we can think we are our body, its indeed much harder to be able to disidentify with the mind.

An enlightened one also has a body and a mind. But he is not it. He uses the same body and the same mind but he realizes the true nature – consciousness. A common human is in ignorance. He thinks that he is his body and his mind. He is driven by his body and his mind. He fears losing ‘himself’. That which he fears losing is not himself, and that which he is cannot be lost even intentionally.

When you deduce mind and body from ‘who you are’, you are left with something. That something can only be pointed to in negative terms – i.e by seeing what you are not for what it is. This something is pointed to as consciousness. Its not something definable through logic. Its the very energy that hold logic in its place.

You may be clear now what the word consciousness points to. But this is mere intellectual understanding. Intellectual understanding often becomes an easy, artificial substitute for true understanding. What is true understanding?

When you can see the truth of what is being said inside yourself, that is true understanding. When it is there to the deepest core. When you do not need a logical explanation. Intellectual understanding can just be a pointer, nothing more.


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